The process leading up to the preparation of this NBSAP involved broad participation from various agencies of the Federal and State governments, academia, nongovernmental agencies, local communities and the civil society through national and regional-level consultative workshops to develop and review the draft document. The activities involved are summarized henceforth:


i.Establishment of a National Biodiversity Technical Committee, to consider the preliminary activities preparatory to the formulation of an Action Plan - February 1995;


ii.Formation of an Expert Consultation Team of 6 to organise the consensus - building modality for the preparation of Nigeria’s Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan - November 1995;


iii.The Expert Consultation Team undertook fieldwork and desk studies to fill identified gaps, and prepared draft documentation for consensus building - January 1996;


iv.Eco-Regional Workshops conducted by the Expert Consultation Team to consider inputs from four geo-ecological zones of the country (Ibadan, South-West Zone; Kaduna, Central Zone; Calabar, South-East Zone and Bauchi, Northern Zone) - January 1996 - April 1997;


v.The Expert Consultation Team collated inputs arising from the Eco-Regional Workshops, and prepared a Draft Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, May - September 1997. 

vi.A Draft Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan was considered by a National Stakeholders Workshop - February 1998 


vii)Subsequent expert review of Nigeria’s NBSAP identified gaps in the plan and commissioned consultants to among other things:


a.Incorporate the views of a wider section of the Nigerian population in the deliberation and development of the Strategy, to specifically ascertain the views of the local population and incorporate their perception and experiences in the revised Plan.


b.Engage the private sector in the development of the revised Plan in order to examine and highlight the opportunities in sustainable development of biological diversity and the impact of bio-business on the conservation of biodiversity.


c.Within the context of the advances in biotechnology, review the action plan as it relates to biosafety protocols and regulations.  


d.Include in the strategic focus, a clearly outlined plan to decentralize the implementation of the conservation activities in order to enhance efficiency and broaden participation of all stakeholders in the important issue of biodiversity conservation.


viii.Zonal and national workshops aimed at seeking the views of all stakeholders and consensus building on the NBSAP 


In addition, experts on sectoral and crosscutting issues prepared a number of background papers incorporated into the NBSAP. The National Biodiversity Technical Committee constituted by the Federal Ministry of Environment provided Periodic oversight during the development of the NBSAP.